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Your beat(s) will be instantly available for download directly from the order summary page once you checkout and your payment has been processed.  You will also receive a confirmation email with the download links.

No. All licenses come with the untagged version(s) of the beat(s). Regardless of which license you purchase.

We accept PayPal and Credit Card (Stripe) payments.

Only if you make purchases of the Exclusive Rights to the beat. If not, the beat will stay on the site for another artists to lease until someone buys the Exclusive Rights.

Yes, but certain mobile devices can have compatibility issues when downloading the files directly to the phone. It is advisable to download the files to your desktop or laptop using the link in the confirmation email you’ll receive after a successful checkout. Don’t worry if you navigate away from the order summary page on your phone, you’ll be linked back to it in the email to get your files.

Download links to the beat files and license agreement will appear on your order summary page once you complete the checkout process. Additionally, an email will be sent to the address provided at checkout with the download links immediately after purchase. Be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see the email right away. 

Stems (also known as trackouts) are the individual audio files that make up a beat, meaning each sound within the beat will be sent as a separate high quality WAV audio file. Leases that include stems are ideal if you plan on recording your song in a professional studio and want to have full control over mixing and re-arranging each instrument around your vocals.

When you purchase a beat lease, you are simply buying the rights to use the beat in a limited and non-exclusive capacity. Antreas Nikolaidis retains full copyright ownership over the composition and is allowed to continuously sell non-exclusive licenses of that same beat to other artists until someone purchases the Exclusive Rights to the beat. At that point, the beat will be immediately removed from our beat store and ownership rights are granted to the purchaser.

You must upgrade your lease to the next tier by contacting us. The cost of the upgrade is simply the price of the new lease minus the amount you already paid for your original lease.

The purchase of Exclusive Rights to a beat does not impact the status or validity of previous licensees so you do not need to remove your music from streaming services, social media, etc. for the full term of your lease agreement.

The usage rights are the same for both: you get unlimited sales, streams, etc. The difference is, if you purchase the Exclusive, the ownership rights to the beat are transferred to you and the beat is immediately removed from our beat store, never to be sold to another artist again. The Unlimited License is still non-exclusive, so even though you get the same usage rights as if you owned the Exclusive, the beat will remain in our beat store for others to lease or buy.


This is when musicians play or sing their song parts in a studio. It’s like capturing their performance in an acoustically treated environment using microphones and other specialised recording equipment.

Think of this as the big picture planning. It’s like being the director of a movie – deciding how the song should sound, what instruments to use, what effects should be implemented and how the arrangement of should be. The producer guides the entire creative process.

After recording, sometimes we need to fix small mistakes, adjust timing & pitch, or rearrange parts. Audio editing is like using a digital scissors and glue to make everything sound just right.

Imagine you have different ingredients for a recipe. Mixing is like blending these ingredients (instruments, vocals and effects) together in the right amounts to create a tasty final dish (song). It’s about making each part sound good and finding the right balance between them.

Imagine you’ve baked a cake and it’s perfect, but you want to make sure it’s ready to be served at a fancy dinner. Mastering is like adding the final touches – adjusting the overall sound, ensuring consistent volume, and preparing the song to sound great on any audio system or platform.

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