Antreas Nick Nikolaidis

Hey there!

My name is Antreas Nick Nikolaidis also known as Andreas Nick and I am a music producer from Cyprus, Europe.

My journey in music started when I picked up a guitar. I had the pleasure of playing with various local bands since the age of 15, immersing myself in the music scene. Rock and Roll is my first musical love, but hip hop soon became my second sonic love. 

After earning a BSc degree in Sound Engineering and Production from Birmingham City University in the United Kingdom, I’ve been dedicated to producing beats and providing music studio services to independent artists.

Besides making beats, I am also an audio engineer, musician and songwriter who has worked with numerous independent artists.

“My main goal is to team up with independent artists and help them bring their music projects to life.”

My skillset includes songwriting, arranging, producing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering, composing and beat-making. I am also a musician of various instruments including the likes of guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, acoustic bass guitar, harmonica, mouth harmonica, kazoo, keys and vocals.

I am the owner of Copper Sons Records, a fully equipped music recording studio with industry standard digital and analog equipment located in sunny Limassol, Cyprus.

Studio Gallery: In Session with artists

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