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which lease should i choose?

The process of choosing a Beat License can be difficult. On my website there is more in-depth guides about online beat licensing under BLOG & GUIDES but for a brief explanation, click the button below.


Interested in exclusive rights?

We don’t sell exclusive rights to every artist. 

Please send us some of your (previous) work or demos and tell us more about yourself as an artist.

Inquire using the button below.


Price - $25

This is the license for beginner artists who are just starting to release their music. It has a lower streaming limit and does not include trackouts or the higher quality wav file. 


Price - $50

This is the license for semi-professional artists who want higher quality audio and higher limitations. It does not include trackouts but does include the higher quality wav file.


Price - $80

This license is perfect for serious artists who want to have the best quality for recording. High streaming limits and trackouts allowing you to edit each individual instrument track. 


Price - $150

This is the license for professional artists who want the best quality and no limitations with leasing their beats. Comes with all files.

This is my most popular license.

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